Our Story

Our Story

Communities are a powerful way for people to connect. They create opportunities for friendship, learning & support. But there is no easy way for people to discover communities that exist nearby

We wanted to help people quickly tap into communities around them. This was the core idea behind us building Plastr

Plastr helps you join or create local communities instantly. The communities facilitate real life interactions via discussions & events. An event can be setup in 2 minutes. It can be free or paid and a ticketing platform is available

Plastr also enables administrators of offices, co-working spaces, hostels, universities, etc to create exclusive communities where their members can discover who near them, share information and collaborate, create events, and find activity partners.

Public, Closed, or Secret

Your community can be Wi-Fi based and only those connected to that same Wi-Fi can join it. Or make it available to people in a particular neighborhood or city.

You can choose who can see / join the community. They can be setup as Public, Closed or Secret. There are various levels of admin controls also possible within each community.